LONDON - Wednesday 4th September, 2019

For nearly 10 years, Belira has been working hard to offer all of our customers the very best in service, affordability, and support. We started off in 2009, offering 3 cPanel web hosting packages. Belira ProHost ($2/month), Belira SuperHost ($4/month) and Belira EliteHost ($9/month).

In 2016, we launched our newest website, systems and services - increasing our offerings tenfold in resources, however keeping the pricing exactly the same. We have proudly been one of the lowest, consistent and fastest supporting webhosts online - however always remained a small and personal business in an ever-tighter competing market.

In 2016, we also moved from over 6 years of being a web hosting-only provider, to offering reseller packages, along with virtual & dedicated servers. Click here to watch our launch video.

We have retained 99% of our client-base in all our 10 years, with an average ticket reponse time of 30 minutes. We have always put our customers first, and for the first time in nearly 10 years we're putting them before Belira itself.

cPanel, one of our most prominent and renowned suppliers, has announced a significant change in their pricing structure, covering all licenses. The new cPanel pricing structure unfortunately bases costings "per account", rather than historically per server. Belira's secret recipe for success has always been investing in the most powerful of servers, and being able to comfortably hold many client accounts on those servers. We have always kept our promise to never ever oversell our resources though - all customers have always had all the resources available to them on-demand.

The unfortunate result of this price-change is equivalent to a price increase in the range of 600% per license. Across all Belira servers, that cost cannot be mitigated, and Belira must now unfortunately cease all operations.

For more information on these price increases, you can read these community links discussing the changes:

cPanel has advised that the updates they have imposed on licensing is aimed at businesses that host over 3,000 accounts per server. Belira has never come close to hosting 50% of that per-server, however the cost increases are significant. Unfortunately, this change has affected us, and for that reason we are now forced to bring Belira to an end.

It has been a fantastic journey over the years, and we'd like to offer our full support to the thousands of customers we have across the world in finding a suitable replacement for their needs.

Should you have accounts signed up and under your own control, you now need to take action within the next 30 days (by Friday, 4 October 2019) to move all of your Belira-provided services to a third party provider. Within the next 60 days (Sunday, 3 November 2019) all services will cease operating, and no backups will be retrievable. We believe that this fair transition period will give all our customers a reasonable opportunity to move to alternative providers.

Please note:
Should you encounter any difficulties with migrating to a third party provider, our support teams will remain on-hand to guide you through any questions you have, however please note our support times may be drastically increased due to this announcement - we will try our best as always to offer the quickest response times we possibly can.

Important dates to remember:

Belira customers should aim to move all their services to new providers by: Friday, 4 October 2019
Belira customers should assume their services will be terminated by: Sunday, 3 November 2019

If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact our staff here.